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Robert Ramazani

Robert Ramazani Asked 5 years ago

Hi guys,

just wondering what kinda blade and rubbers you suggest to use for my style? Ive been playing for 4 Years now my strong shot is push close to table I get so much back spin on the ball that most players get afford to attack the ball and once I find a lose ball than I attack it.

I have been only attacking for last 6 months which has improve my game but still have problem finding the right blade and rubber to suit me? 

I have used tenergy range blade and rubber, I have used donic range and almost 20 different blade and rubbers but still feel that I have not find the right combination.

Would slower blade with fast rubber? Or fast blade with slower rubber?

i like to know your opinion on it please? 


Robert Ramazani

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Robert,

I always like a slower blade with faster rubbers but that is a personal choice.

If you have tried that many types of bats I think you should focus more on the technique of the shots.  This will be the biggest issue.

Work out which strokes you are having most problems with and then try to work through those strokes.

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Robert Ramazani

Robert Ramazani Posted 5 years ago

Alois Rosario, thank you for your option, I shall try that.



Robert Ramazani

Robert Ramazani Posted 5 years ago

Hi Alois, 

after more investigation on suitable blade and rubbers, I have to disagree with your comment saying  it's a personal chose,

If A beginner At any age goes out and buy the fastest rubber and fastes blade becouse he's chosing it than it would be much harder fir him or her to learn the shots, not only that I have come to undretand that the faster blade and rubber the less control and if a player not good at some shots or good at some other shots than him or her should use blade and rubber according to his game play. 

Altho I disagree with your comment this time but I find you a great coatch and have been learning a lot from your videos and everyone should sing up with premium membership of ping skills.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 5 years ago

Hi Robert,

Glad you are learning from the site.  There are ranges of equipment. Take a look at our tutorial on Choosing a Table Tennis Bat to see what I mean.

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