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CARLOS A Asked 1 month ago

Good morning coach

I have questions regarding my style of play and racket.  I've been playing table tennis for 30 years, now I'm 45.  I enjoy being able to try out new equipment and technologies when they become available.  My play style per description is all+, I easily switch between defense and attack, I use a foam attack granule on my backhand and a rubber attack on my forehand

For years I have been using wood/carbon rackets, the latest gambler zebra carbon with which I play at ease.  I have reviewed my accumulated experience with my rackets and the best one I had was a live joola and it was just wood.  Today I bought a victas award offensive off racket (only very flexible wood, very reactive to effect) and a 729 v3 off++ (aramid / carbon / very heavy wood and quite easy to attack)

My 3 rackets are different and today I saw that I can control any of them well without great difficulties.  v3's powerful attacks are just as useful as great short game control and ease when defending against victas 

Now the question is, should I use the fastest racket that I can control, understanding that it is made to attack and that is how it should be used (V3) or insist on a slower racket with the opportunity to vary the game more easily?

thank you very much for your answer

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Carlos,

I would tend to use the fastest racket that you can control, however, the degree of control is important.  If you can play short pushes and return serves well with it as well as defend then it is probably good to use.

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CARLOS A Posted 1 month ago

Hi coach , thank you very much

yes i can use in short game but wen I use the v3 I think my style change from all + to  off+ ,

So I think my chance to defend myself is less.

I am concerned is the change of pace at my age, some injuries, decreased physical condition and that in the medium term it will cause a deterioration in my game, although I had reached the same conclusion as you.

finally I suppose that when the physique does not allow me to play at that speed I should be able to return to my all+ style

Thank you very much, it is valuable to have advice

Greetings from Colombia

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 1 month ago

No problems at all Carlos.

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