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Ardak Mirzakhmedov

Ardak Mirzakhmedov Asked 2 months ago

Hi coach!

In our mini club we organize mini amateur tournaments every week. There are 10 players. We all play each other. There is no problem in ranking players who have different number of wins. But how to rank players with same number of wins?

How to rank players in a group tournament? 

For example, in the tournament marvellous 12,  why Lin Gaoyuan's result is better than Xu Xin's? 

How is "Pts" calculated?

Are there many different local rules of rating in such group tournaments?

Pos Team Pld W L GW GL Pts Qualification
1 Fan Zhendong 11 11 0 33 11 22 2019 World Championships
2 Liang Jingkun 11 8 3 28 18 19
3 Xue Fei 11 6 5 25 23 17  
4 Lin Gaoyuan 11 5 6 26 25 16  
5 Xu Xin 11 5 6 21 20 16  
6 Yu Ziyang 11 5 6 20 23 16  
7 Fang Bo 11 5 6 21 24 16  
8 Yan An 11 5 6 21 24 16  
9 Zhou Kai 11 5 6 18 25 16  
10 Wang Chuqin 11 4 7 17 23 15  
11 Xu Chenhao 11 4 7 20 27 15  
12 Zhao Zihao 11 3 8 19 26 14


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 months ago

Hi Ardak,

If players are even on the number of wins then it goes to the matches played only between those players.

In this situation we would need to look at the results only between 6 players on 5 wins.  Then as each player's place is determined their results are discarded and again it goes to a count back between the players that are tied.  Here is the rule which will explain it a bit clearer I hope.

  1.  If two or more members of the group have gained the same number of match points their relative positions shall be determined only by the results of the matches between them, by considering successively the numbers of match points, the ratios of wins to losses first in individual matches (for a team event), games and points, as far as is necessary to resolve the order.

  2.  If at any step in the calculations the positions of one or more members of the group have been determined while the others are still equal, the results of matches in which those members took part shall be excluded from any further calculations needed to resolve the equalities in accordance with the procedure of and

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Ardak Mirzakhmedov

Ardak Mirzakhmedov Posted 2 months ago

Everything is so clear! It was very important for us. Thank you very much coach! 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 2 months ago

No problems Ardak.

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