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Sam Quek

Sam Quek Asked 12 years ago

Hi Pingskills!

I was practising Table Tennis yesterday and I noticed two things: when my opponent topspins the ball, my reaction was too slow. Also, I have a fear that if I wait for the long ball (serving) to kick up the table and I topspin the ball, I would miss the ball. In addition, I was afriad that if I wait for the ball to come to me, it will bounce twice on my court.

So I wanted to ask, how can I improve my reaction to the ball so that I can react faster and how can I get rid this fear of mine (being afraid to wait)?

Really hope to hear from you soon.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Sam,

To improve your reactions get someone to feed multiball to you at a rapid rate.

Then also try to hit with players who are playing faster.  This will help.

To learn how to wait, in practice you can even just let the ball go and see when it bounces once and when it bounces twice.  This will help you to learn.  Once you learn you will have more confidence to watch and see whether it is short or long.

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Sam Quek

Sam Quek Posted 12 years ago

Once again, thanks for answering my question, I will practice hard and try to make my reactions faster.

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