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D K Asked 1 week ago

Greetings Team,

I would like to ask how to read my own spin. I have noticed several times that when I do some high level chop,the opponent often,when unsure how to deal with the level of backspin as it is not common, does some emergency..push or something,simply uses an approach like "I do not know  what to do with this,I will just touch it carefully". In most cases they are surprised and are quite unaware of what did I just do.

Though then,I mostly get a ball where I am myself quite unaware of what is returning to me,although this reaction from opponents is desired. If the opponent react as I described,it is according to my plan-but then I am unable to react,as in that instant no player knows what spin is actually on the ball. Thus,I make a lot of mistakes off these balls,especially if they are high and/or short.

If they are long and low,I usually chop it comfortably(or lift it,if I am sure about the spin). But else,I am not sure what to do with it.
What should I do with such situations?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 week ago

Hi Dan,

It sounds like it is more a matter of dealing with the higher push ball rather than the spin on the ball.

It can be awkward because it is different however if you start to work on this shot you will find it quite easy.  Come in closer to the table and hit the ball when it is at its highest point.  Your opponent will be close to the table so it is more a matter of placing the ball well with enough power to get through them.  You might find playing into their middle or cross over point can be effective in this situation.

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D K Posted 1 week ago

Placing is one thing,but I am usually unable to land it at all. Many times I just try to push it and the ball just pops out to side or upwards despite that noone of us intentionally used a sidespin motion etc.


D K Posted 6 hours ago

Greetings,just informing: I havent managed to deal with reading my spin as a defender,BUT:

Today I played with a classical defender. A classical defender who has much stronger defense than me and also can smash with much more power than me. Though,he is afraid of pivoting and also of smashing a heavy spin ball.
I have already faced him two years ago. Then I lost 9:11,9:11,11:9,9:11.
My that-time coach told me that without a powerful loop and powerful smash I can never defeat such a player.
It seemed true,because when I tried to play a push-war with the opponent,he changed his strategy and started to trying to force me to play a high ball by stopping all spins with the longpips. So pushing was not possible.

This player,despite his already  advanced age,trains 2x aday,5 times a week,so he was in much better condition than he was in in the first occassion,where he played after 10y break.

Today,after more than one hour match, I was able to DEFEAT this player. And I did so without using a rasant offense. I defied my that-time coach's words.
I still cannot believe it


D K Posted 6 hours ago

So I could read my spin against adefender :D

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 6 hours ago

Well done Dan. That is great result for you. Maybe you can read the spin!

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