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Salvatore Arpaia

Salvatore Arpaia Asked 10 years ago

Dear Alois,

I watched my brand new video a few days ago, but only tonight I found some time to switch on a robot and started trying to practice receiving according your suggestions given.

I have a few questions then, but I will start with the first two.

1) Receiving side spin serves was not easy, especially when I tried to switch the robot head on both sides to see differences. Even if this was not openly stated I experienced that trying to direct my shot to where the raquet of the opponent started the movement could help not to misplace my reply. Am I right?

2) I could not find in the video any specific suggestions regarding when to hit the ball on strong side spin serves. If I try to anticipate the shot I make much more mistakes. Things get better when I wait so that the ball looses a bit its side spin, but I suppose my return becomes less effective.  

Thank you in advance

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

HI Salvatore,

Aiming for where the racket starts is a reasonable guide to start with when receiving side spin. 

As far as when to hit the ball  there is a trade off between making it easier for yourself and making it harder for your opponent.  If you hit the ball late it can be easier because the ball loses a little spin and you have more time to see what type of spin is on the ball.  However it also gives your opponent more time to get into position after they serve and set up for an attacking third ball.

You should aim to hit the ball early if you can.  This makes your return much more effective. 

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