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Gerhard Mlekusch

Gerhard Mlekusch Asked 12 years ago

Hi Alois,

I'm playing long pips on forehands (Meteor 575 ox) as well as on backhands (Giant 8228 1.0) in a rather aggressive manner, trying from beginning on to make pressure on the backhandside of the opponent. The main problem that occurs (I've played two weeks ago competition) is that I don't know what to do with very spinny short serves on my forehand , the same but with no spin longline on forehand or backhand. I'm well trained in my club on both sides because one of my mates is left handed (good for my backhand) the other is playing a modern defensive style of table tennis , but unfortunately both of them don't have a good serve !! 

 Maybe you have some ideas in which way I can improve my serve receiving, any help appreciated !!!

Cheers ,

Gerhard from Austria

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Gerhard,

This is an interesting combination.

Against both of these serves the key is to cut down your opponent's time. Off the short serve I would push hard and fast forward on the ball.  You may have a little upward action to lift the ball over but the main action needs to be forward.  Like a very aggressive flick.  Because of the long pimples your timing needs to be very good.  Work at getting the ball at the top of the bounce so you can generate as much speed as possible.

Against the long serve I would play either a lifting fast shot or a fast push back at them. YOu can vary between these strokes to have some variation to the return.

I hope these suggestions help.  I don't have a lot of experience playing with long pimples but I have seen these methods used effectively.

Other long pimple players may be able to help you here. 

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