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mandar  Nadkarni

mandar Nadkarni Asked 3 years ago

Dear coach 

Is it advisable to use timobol spirit FL TT blade with slow rubber like Tibhar aurus,donic sonex or butterfly sriver in order to balance high speed of above blade as same Will be used by 8 year old girl who is moving from beginners to intermediate level? or can you suggest me alternate combination?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Mandar,

Great to hear that she is working up in the levels.

I will let others on this page give you advice on the racket.


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Jack Tan

Jack Tan Posted 3 years ago

If you want to compensate for the speed of the blade, I would suggest soft rubbers. They deliver less power and it is easier to grasp the feeling of the ball when it hits the racket. I'm not too familiar with the rubbers you have stated, so I can't give any comments on that :(

Nigel C

Nigel C Posted 3 years ago

Mandar, I can only comment on using tibhar aurus. I think it is a very good rubber to use but not slow! It is a tensor rubber with softer sponge but harder top sheet. There are variations of aurus that will have even softer sponge. I found the control and spin to be excellent, but not too sensitive to incoming spin. I would use it on my backhand where I like to have control but a bit of speed so that I can play backhand shots with reasonably short swing. Plenty of people would use it on their forehand too. Obviously if you choose thinner sponge you will get even more control. It seems  to last well if kept clean. My only gripe is that it is a bit expensive.

Rohan Keogh

Rohan Keogh Posted 3 years ago

Hi Mandar.  Do you have to keep that blade?  Is this the blade she is used to? What rubbers is she using now?

I believe uou would be better choosing a slower, control-focused blade and gradually increase the speed of the rubber.  When you get to the point where the fastest rubber is not fast enough, then you can swap for a faster blade.

If you do have to keep the blade, I wouldn't fit the Aurus.  It is not really a slow rubber.  As Nigel says, it is a medium-hard tensor rubber with quite a bit of catapult effect.  This can make it hard for beginner/intermediate player to control effectively.  For an 8 yr old intermediate player I would recommend a lighter, slower rubber like good old Yasaka Mark V or even the Yasaka Original Extra XHG in 2.0mm or less.



mandar  Nadkarni

mandar Nadkarni Posted 3 years ago

Hi everyone 

Thanks for the advice.......actually I wanted to make use of blade using slow rubber to compensate high speed of blade 



Rohan Keogh

Rohan Keogh Posted 3 years ago

OK, then I'd stick to something like the Andro Backside, Spinlord (Marder), Donic Acuda (Blue P3), Donic Quattro A'Conda (soft), Xiom Musa, Stiga Neos (tacky), Palio CJ800, etc.


Rohan Keogh

Rohan Keogh Posted 3 years ago

Or, of course the Yasaka Mark V - good spin, great control.  It isn't 'slow' but it isn't fast either.

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