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Rex Bradburn

Rex Bradburn Asked 7 years ago


I was watching the 2015 Nationals, USA, first day morning and watched a game go to 17 to 19. What is your record for highest score, how long did it last (did you need CPR or oxygen afterwards!)? What about highest score you've watched and what happens if it last late into the night do they continue the next day?

Also is there a record for highest score during an actual professional match (not where they are intentionally doing it for the score).

Thank you

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Rex,

When I played competitively the scoring was up to 21.  I think the highest I got up to was about 30 - 28.

Matches don’t really last that long even if they go to 20 now, so there would be no need for a tent to camp over night.

I don’t know the highest professional score… would be interesting to find out.

Also be interesting to find out what other PingSkillers had seen and played up to.

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Dyllan  K

Dyllan K Posted 2 weeks ago

There was one match I played where the score was 41-38 the other person won btw

Jasper Low

Jasper Low Posted 2 weeks ago

I lost 26-28 before in a game of 11 points. 

Robert Platt

Robert Platt Posted 6 days ago

Won a doubles game decider 34-32 in game of 11 points


D K Posted 5 days ago

39:37 :)

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