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Last updated 6 years ago

Mark Cox

Mark Cox Asked 9 years ago

Hi Guys,

Just a quick question.  I don't change my rubber sheets very often as I am only a casual player, but have recently broken my bat (by falling over) I have taken the rubbers off it, which are practically new, and undamaged.  They were glued with Tibhar Clean fix water based VOC free glue.  Is there an easy way to remove this from the sponge ?  I have tried peeling it, and just rubbing it, but no joy.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Mark,

I wouldn't worry about trying to remove it.  The layer will only be minimal and not really effect the rubber.  It is more trouble than it is worth if you start trying to peel it off.

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Eshaan Mishra

Eshaan Mishra Posted 9 years ago


can you tell me which rubber did timo ball or does ma Lin use?

i am thinking to use that on my bat.


but if we buy those rubbers will we get the inner rubber part by it or do we have to buy another packet for it?

Edwin Gosens

Edwin Gosens Posted 9 years ago


Timo boll is using Tenergy 05 on his forehand and backhand but those rubbers are a bit expensive

Ma lin is using Skyline 2 blue sponge on his forehand (only available for the chinese national team) and im not sure about his backhand but i believe that he has a tenergy 05 as well.

Eshaan Mishra

Eshaan Mishra Posted 9 years ago

thanks. edwin

Nathan S

Nathan S Posted 9 years ago

Fortunately for you ma lin uses tg2 which is available to buy, his backhand is a butterfly bryce. Other chinese team players use national versions except for ma long and ma lin.

nate s

nate s Posted 9 years ago

depending on which water based glue you use. Try some Tear Mender. I think you can get it at ace hardware store. It's the best water based glue I've found. I don't use water based glue much (Still use some nontoxic rubber cement for the purpose of boosting my rubber) but if I pay in a huge match I wise tear mender glue. Afterwards when you take it off it comes off in one chunk and is very handy. 

Larry Bodnovich

Larry Bodnovich Posted 9 years ago

I am 60 and had not played in 25-30 years. I got a new blade but wanted yt? To put new rubber on 2 old blades. The rubber and sponge on the old blades was very hard to remove. One trick to help is I rub peanut butter on it and wait. It does help.

Jason Ferdinand

Jason Ferdinand Posted 6 years ago

Hi. I am a beginner player and I want to buy Friendship Bomb, Super 999T, and YinHe 9000. I search and found there is a thing that I don't know that named sponge. Actually I exactly don't know anything about sponge. Please tell me what is sponge, is it very important to wear, where & how I have to use sponge, and am I have to buy sponge? Thanks. I'm sorry for asking this unimportant question, because I still don't know anything about sponge.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 6 years ago

Hi Jason,

The sponge is the softer part under the rubber.  It comes with the rubber already attached.  The thickness of the sponge will effect the speed and spin you can generate.

Jason Ferdinand

Jason Ferdinand Posted 6 years ago

So if I buy the rubber the sponge is stick to it and I don't need to buy it again?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 6 years ago

That is right.

Jason Ferdinand

Jason Ferdinand Posted 6 years ago

Ok. Thanks coach

Solomon Tang

Solomon Tang Posted 6 years ago

I hope I'm not too late with this answer, but I'm sure this will eventually help someone else with the same question.

This video should help you remove the glue in a very safe way. Just use a piece of masking tape and that should lift the glue right off without damaging the sponge.

Jean Balthazar

Jean Balthazar Posted 6 years ago

Never saw that technique before. Thanks for sharing, Solomon. If any Pingskillers gives it a go, let us know how it went.

Thomas Kunzfeld

Thomas Kunzfeld Posted 6 years ago

A warning: actually I tried this some time ago with a Mark V Rubber - I couldn´t get the tape off without damaging the sponge. So it obviously doesn´t work well with all kinds of rubber. In the video it is done with a blue sponge. Those (chinese) sponges are normally very dense and heavy.

A different method I tried successfully: Put a new layer of water based (latex) glue on the sponge, let it dry, then an additional layer, let it dry again and you can pull off the glue as a whole instead of struggling with little bits of glue. (Maybe do this first experimentally with some worn off rubber.)


Solomon Tang

Solomon Tang Posted 6 years ago

You're right, it probably doesn't work for all kinds of rubber or glues. I'm sure harder sponges work better with this method.

Here's another video of a fellow removing elmer's rubber cement (I honestly didn't know people were using this as I don't think it's legal) from his Xiom Sigma II Euro 2.0mm using this method. 

Interestingly enough, I also just swapped out my Mark V rubbers for Xiom Sigma II rubbers as well. I still have the Mark V's chilling in a dark drawer. I can test this method on those rubbers over the weekend and let you guys know how it works.

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