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Rama Camatchee

Rama Camatchee Asked 7 years ago

Dear Coach,

I was practising the return of Backhand Topspin Against Long Backspin serve with a partner as per Jeff lesson.

It works well when I stand a 0.5 metre away from table and standing closer to the left of the table. I was able to control the topspin return to his left or right and get in a position for the next ball to attack.

However, when my partner starts to mix it up with long balls at random to left and right it became a huge challenge :

1) I have to stand at the neutral position (centre of table) and say 0.5 mt away from table.

2) Move fast to left or right but starting the racket below the table is sometimes too late.

Alternatively, I had to open my racket (around four to four o'clock) at table level height and do a slight loop. However, someone told me that's not good as I am simply pushing the ball. I also heard that before too on you-tube but cannot remember where.

What is the proper way to approach it?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Rama,

Keep trying to do a correct topspin.  The ability to move and make the stroke will get better as you practice it more.  You will start to read a little earlier where the ball is coming.  You have done a lot of the hard work to be able to do the stroke.  The moving and hitting is the next extension of the skill.

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