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Peter Francis

Peter Francis Asked 3 years ago

My regular opponent fears my backhand so continually sends a deep heavy chop to my forehand. Eventually I get frustrated and either hit the net with my return chop or over hit a forehand loop return. What to do in this situation?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Peter,

Start by thinking about the placement of your own shots.

If you place the ball more to their backhand corner then the angle to your wider forehand will be less likely.

Secondly if you play a more open type of rally then they are less likely to be able to give you a heavy backspin ball to your forehand.

Lastly I think let's think about the long term and how to improve the forehand topspin stroke against that heavy backspin.  The stroke is the first thing which we cover in the tutorial on Forehand Topspin Off Backspin.  I think we also need to look at your leg orientation to the table.  If you are turned more to face your backhand side then you might find the transition to the forehand topspin more difficult.  If that is the case, start to turn more towards your forehand side which will make the transition easier.


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