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Rohan Patil

Rohan Patil Asked 9 years ago

Hello Team Ping Skills,

I am Rohan Patil from Mumbai, i play Right Handed with a ShakeHand grip using a wood ply (Tibhar Stratus Power Wood).& i use inverted rubbers on both sides of my bat (Tibhar Genius Sound (FH) & Tibhar Genius Optimum+(BH)

I have a weakness in returning the fast serve especially the one which is served by a short pimpled rubber on the edge of my  forehand corner. & basically the ball wobbles at such speed with make it difficult to time my stroke.

I have no problem in reaching the ball, but somehow i am not able to return it properly

If i try to hit a slow FH topspin loop (on that serve) to opponent's backhand(which contains short pipmpled rubber), he easily jabs the loop & i find it more difficult bcoz the spin which i had put on the loop comes back to me.

If i try to hit a fast topspin it simply goes on the net.

So can u please guide me.

Also being a cricket fanatic i would like to congratulate u guys on winning the T20 womens cricket world cup.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Rohan,

When they serve fast with short pimples the ball doesn't have the same amount of topspin as you would get with an inverted rubber.

You need to brush the topspin up a little more and faster to get it on the table.  If you are making a slow spinny topspin think about your placement.  This can be an effective tactic if used well.  Try to keep it away from their hitting zones.  Make them move a little or hit the ball into their middle area for the best effect.

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D K Posted 6 years ago

Or you can tyr to drive/block it short,can he,Alois?

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