Returning side spins with a hard forehand loop

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Alan Griffith

Alan Griffith Asked 11 years ago

I am a 700s player. I have a ITTA coach that helps me so my basics are good. I play a lot of 1700 players with lots of side spin. I was told that top players can nullify the spin with hard non spin shots. Is this true and how can I do it.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Alan,

If you hit the ball hard enough without spin, the spin that is on the ball already will not have too much effect.  However you are risking making errors because of the speed of the ball and the lack of topspin on it.

The best option is to try to topspin the ball with a fine and fast brushing action which will get the ball rotating the way you want it to rather than spinning off your bat with the spin that was already on it.

In the long term though it is best to try to understand the effect of the spin on the ball so that you can counteract it in any situation.

We have the section on Receiving Secrets to help you with that.

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