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Cihan Yılmaz

Cihan Yılmaz Asked 10 years ago

Hi Sirs

I am left handed a good  attack player. But I'm suffering to return the long and short reverse pendulum service .I am not good at service return.

Pleace give me a clue to return the service well.

thanks  in advance  


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Cihan,

This serve will be coming in towards you on the forehand as a left hander.  You need to step to the side and make sure you aren't coming around the outside of the ball on your return.  For the long serve try to really force your hand back to straighten the wrist and contact the ball on the top or right hand side. If you come around the left hand side of the ball it will tend to drop off your bat.  This will be much easier to control.  The other option is to hit the ball with your backhand as the spin will be easier to handle and easier to hit the ball cross court to their forehand side.

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