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fredyan fredyan retino

fredyan fredyan retino Asked 5 years ago

hello coach, i just want to ask what blade for player long pimples OX like me, im new using long pimple OX. my old setup blade is Butterfly sardius, ForeHand xiom omega IV europe, BackHand calibra LT sound.. when i use my sardius for long pimples OX is to fast i cant block spin corecly and i cant control my long pimples. i training use sardius for my long pimple is 3 month, and i cant control when im playing .. the blade sardius for my is to hard and to fast for my long pimple OX, but nice for my FH.. i nead some suggestion, what blade properly can i use for my BH long pimples OX.. my long pimples is dr neubauer viper. and my FH i use calibra LT sound.  i nead  recommendation blade for my long pimples OX. thank you. sory my englis language is bad.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Fredyan,

I would go for a slower blade.  The Sardis is too fast for the OX because it will be too difficult to control the faster topspins coming in at you.

I don't have a specific recommendation of blade because there are so many options.

For the forehand you could use a fast rubber to compensate for the speed on that side.

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