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fredyan fredyan retino

fredyan fredyan retino Asked 8 years ago

hello coach, i just want to ask what blade for player long pimples OX like me, im new using long pimple OX. my old setup blade is Butterfly sardius, ForeHand xiom omega IV europe, BackHand calibra LT sound.. when i use my sardius for long pimples OX is to fast i cant block spin corecly and i cant control my long pimples. i training use sardius for my long pimple is 3 month, and i cant control when im playing .. the blade sardius for my is to hard and to fast for my long pimple OX, but nice for my FH.. i nead some suggestion, what blade properly can i use for my BH long pimples OX.. my long pimples is dr neubauer viper. and my FH i use calibra LT sound.  i nead  recommendation blade for my long pimples OX. thank you. sory my englis language is bad.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Fredyan,

I would go for a slower blade.  The Sardis is too fast for the OX because it will be too difficult to control the faster topspins coming in at you.

I don't have a specific recommendation of blade because there are so many options.

For the forehand you could use a fast rubber to compensate for the speed on that side.

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Rajat Mallick

Rajat Mallick Posted 3 weeks ago

Thank You Sir.

Regarding facing LP players, I had instinctively used few of the points you have mentioned above such as to dominate the placement of the ball for wide angles and depth variation and then "Attack Aggressively When Possible" on a consequent weak return and always took initiative to open a rally. However, I was making many negatives and unforced error. Now upon you advise I'll do more of the same strategy (my consistency has improved in last few months) and add “no-spin pushes and fast attacks”

Regarding Handling Slow Loops with LP -  Reading the opponent’s setup early helps me to anticipate upcoming line of the ball. But how can I judge the depth of the ball by reading the opponent’s setup. Kindly guide. (QUERY 1)

Furthermore, when I touch with the softest touch, slow topspins and loops close to the net, ball simply pops out and flies off the table. In this regard my complete equipment is as under:
Tibhar D.Tecs Grass, Butterfly Sardius (Used this combination for more than 2 years) and DHS Hurricane 3 (Started 3 months back, previously Butterfly Dignics 05 and 09c for 1 year each).

Previously I read one of your remarks (on an answer to a different question by someone else) that Sardius is too fast for OX LP. But as mentioned earlier I believe that I have moderate to good control with this combination. 

My primary reasons for selecting this combination was that Sardius is highest on Reaction property and Vibration Property on butterfly blade matrix which I thought will result in maximum spin reversal and wobble (both being my primary desire for having LP). As Sardius is highest on Reaction property and Vibration Property on butterfly blade matrix, I assumed that it would have least possible dwell time resulting in greater spin reversal.
Was my above reasoning correct (to some extent)? (QUERY 2)

I have able to have significant spin reversal (but could be more, I guess) but not much wobble (if not none, most of the time).

(QUERY 3) Will a different ply be a better combination for Tibhar D.Tecs Grass for spin reversal and wobble without the sacrificing the attacking power of DHS Hurricane 3 on Butterfly Sardius (flat kill shot is like a bullet)

What are the specific techniques for achieving better spin reversal (QUERY 4) and wobble (QUERY 5) with LP?

Rajat Mallick

Rajat Mallick Posted 3 weeks ago

Posted on different thread


D K Posted 3 weeks ago

Freydan,try to think about dual-sped blades.
If you say your blade is OK for your forehand but too fast for OX longpips,it could be a solution.
Dual speed blades such as Donic Alligator Combi are fast on forehand and slow on backhand.

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