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Spike Hughes

Spike Hughes Asked 2 years ago


I'm a Righty and my doubles partner is a Lefty - an ideal combination I understand. We have one obvious vulnerability and we're not sure how to overcome it. When I'm serving I tend to serve a short/long forehand and immediately move to the left and to the rear, however our opponents have discovered that if they attack my backhand corner immediately after my serve I'm invariably in the way and considerably reduce the chance of my partner making a good return, if at all.

I'm thinking I should maybe modify my forehand serve to prevent the receiver playing down the line? In the meantime we've fudged a plan whereby I serve backhand and move off to the right and circle back in behind my partner, but this feels wrong and negates the Lefty/Righty advantage. 

Any tips please?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Spike,

This is a common issue with a left/right hand combination.

One thing to think about is where you serve the ball.  If you serve closer to the middle line it will allow a better angle for your opponent wide to the left hander's forehand.  If you serve wider on the table the natural angle will be more back towards the left hander.

Also the left hander can stand closer to you and perhaps more forward and instead of you moving to the left, move straight back to allow your partner to move straight across to the forehand corner. 

Serving backhand does give up the advantage of the left/right combination and will put you both on your backhands for the rally.

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