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Sasi K

Sasi K Asked 8 years ago


I am a defensive player who pushes hard with the backhand, hoping that the opponent puts the ball on the net while trying to return it. Now I see that most good opponents are able to hit it back with a flat forehand smash. How do I avoid this scenario?
I go for the backhand smash/top spin once in a while, but the same is not accurate. I am an average player who uses the Xiom ply and Bluefire M2 on both sides. I started playing serious tournaments only 3 years back with a Mark5, and upgraded recently. 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago


I think you can start to focus on variation of spin with your push.  No matter how much spin you are putting on it, if it is always the same it will be easier for the attacking player to adjust and make a good attack first.

By giving them different spin, speed and placement of your pushes, it will make the attackers job a little more difficult.

In general, if you can keep the ball low and longer on your opponents side it will also make it more difficult to make a smash.

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