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Cloud Cledera

Cloud Cledera Asked 10 years ago

Hi Alois and Jeff,

I got a new bat, the Donic Waldner 600, in which both of its rubbers are 3 stars (it was stated so). I've tried it in a few days, but I'm getting a stingy feeling that the rubber might wear out soon enough in something I've heard it wears about between 80+ hours of playing. I've recently seen a few videos of keeping in touch of how grippy the rubber is. Well, in your video(s), you've showed sigh breathing on the rubber , something like that, and I don't really know if it works. Then lately, I've seen lots of videos wherein its actually needed for a few rubbers to get cleaned because the dirt might actually be the one to affect the grip. So logically, you have to remove the dirt to uncover the cleanliness and the true presence of the grip. But I'm afraid I might stick back into my old problem wherein my special Friendship RITC 729 rubber wore off, but then I got that rubber 2 years ago. Am I really suppose to clean the rubber or am I going to keep putting liquids to add more grip (i.e. Sunflower Oil) because I don't have much time to buy new rubbers until the second week of April? Thanks! 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Cloud,

The rubbers on the Donic Waldner 600 are very basic rubbers meant for new players.  They are nowhere near the quality of a Friendship 729 so they won't last very long.  Certainly not 2 years.

You should still clean them with a little water or your breathing.  I don't think Sunflower oil will help. 

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Cloud Cledera

Cloud Cledera Posted 10 years ago

Well, thanks, but you know what, after I cleaned the rubber last night, I the grip got back! I'm so happy but then just in a few weeks, I'm going to find myself a good pile of rubbers, just like the Friendship 729. I've heard the rest of their other good kinds inclined with the 729, like Geo Spin Tacky, Cream, and Dr. Evil. But I'm also hoping to find Butterfly Tenergy rubbers or maybe even a hotshot on DHS. Thanks for the advice, cause I lost a tournament because my rubber lost its grip, and this time, I'll be renewing things straight!

Rajesh Sawant

Rajesh Sawant Posted 10 years ago

HI Cledera,

Dont use any oil to make rubber tacky, It will finish grip of your rubber and if try to spin ball there will be no friction and ball may drop quickly. Otherside oil will stick dirt particles to rubber and may ruined rubber quickly


Rajesh Suhas Sawant

Cloud Cledera

Cloud Cledera Posted 10 years ago

Thanks Rajesh, i just saw that oil thingy on youtube. i think that was a prank. 

Joshua DaSilva

Joshua DaSilva Posted 10 years ago

thanks for the oil tip so nw i wont put any oil on my rubber 


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