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tsukyyy ugyyy

tsukyyy ugyyy Asked 3 years ago

For 7 months I have been using 2,0 Donic Baracuda on a Liu Shiwen ZLF, both FH and BH. I feel like the combination was quite good, with decent speed but not that great of a speed. Now after 7 months, the rubbers are kind of worn out and I am considering whether I should go and buy the same rubber again or if perhaps I could get something that would have the same amount of spin and other attributes but perhaps a bit more speed to have more dynamic in the halfway-away from the table distance. Any recommendations? I am considering currently:

.) Donic Bluefire M/J/Z series, especially the z1 turbo feels interesting...

.) Tenergy 05, the classic although if possible I would like to avoid the 60€ pricetag per sheet if possible...

.) R47 from Andro, seems to have solid ratings at ultra thickness...

What do you think?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago


I will hand this over to the readers but all of those rubbers are good quality and will probably do the job for you.

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