Rubbers for Paul Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon

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Ayush Chakravarthy

Ayush Chakravarthy Asked 3 years ago

Hey guys, 

I need some advice regarding rubber selection.

My current blade is a Tibhar Stratus Powerwood and I use Gewo Nexxus 48 on FH and Gewo Nexxus 43 on BH. 

My coach finally said that my game is mature enough to make a switch to an ALC blade and he recommended me the Paul Drinkhall ALC. 

However, I believe my current rubber selection with the new blade will be too fast and a tad too uncontrollable for me. 

I was thinking of trying andro Hexer on BH and Nittaku Fastarc G-1 on FH. Could you please weigh in and help me out?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Ayush,

They sound like reasonable options.  Both rubbers have good speed but not too fast.

Others readers may have an opinion here that they would like to share with you.

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