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Jeff Van Goidsenoven

Jeff Van Goidsenoven Asked 1 year ago

Hi again guys!

As this is my first season in years playing again, and the last time I played actively, people used to glue their rubbers before every match, I'm left at a bit of a loss with the "new" generation of rubbers.

I'm playing a Victas 401 on forehand and a Victas Triple Regular on backhand. Yesterday, at a tournament, a player made a comment along the lines of "man, that one looks rough" about my backhand rubber, implying I should think about changing it. I read that tacky, grippy rubbers wear down quicker, and yes that rubber has some spots on it, but I still generate good spin with it (the reason I got it in the first place), so I'm left wondering how good visuals are to determine for when to change a rubber, or should I be solely focused on how the rubbers feel when playing?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Jeff,

I think in general the look does give you a good indication.  If you are seeing the spots or pimples on the front of the rubber it usually means that they are wearing.  

Also just rub the ball across the rubber surface and see if there is still a good grab on the ball.

It doesn't mean that you need to change them straight away if they are still feeling good, but they won't be generating as much spin as they would when they are new.

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Thoughts on this question

Jeff Van Goidsenoven

Jeff Van Goidsenoven Posted 1 year ago

I'll try to rub the ball accross the rubber to see if the spots are less grippy than the rest of the rubber. If yes, I might replace it even though I don't like replacing rubbers during the season. I wanted to stick with the same ones during the season for continuity.

Jasper Low

Jasper Low Posted 1 year ago

Actually I face this same issue a lot too. People who see my rubbers tell me that I should change it. But the rubber still works fine. I can still generate lots of spin with it. So I don't see any point to change it. And changing equipment is generally very costly. 

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