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Tim Hermann

Tim Hermann Asked 5 years ago

Hey Alois, Hey Jeff, recently I got a new blade which I am quite fond of. It's the Wanokiwami Ao (andro). When I did the montage of the rubbers, I sealed the hitting surface of the blade. Should I also seal the edges of the blade? Or even the grip area? Also my palms don't get overly sweaty (a bit though), but does the sweat harm the wood in any way, in the long term? What would be the best way to protect my blade? Thank you in advance, Tim

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Tim,

It is OK to seal the hitting area of the blade to protect it when you are removing rubbers.  Most blades don't really need it though.  It can make it more difficult to stick rubber down as well.

I wouldn't seal the handle because it will make it more slippery.  The sweat doesn't effect the performance of the bat at all.

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