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Justin Wynn

Justin Wynn Asked 12 years ago

I'm left-hand TT player.  I used to play handshake style.  Recently, I modified style to Seemiller.  Could you comment the strength and weakness? So far, I has improved in consistency both FH and BH and how would analyze this technique that I am doing it correctly? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Justin,

I havent had much experience with the Seemiller grip.  The one restriction I can see with it is the lack of wrist on the backhand side.  It does however eliminate the middle crossover problem as you are using the same side of the bat.

It is good for control because it stops you from using the wrist too much but it is also a limitation.  The wrist is locked because of the wide position of the fingers on the bat.

Keep working on it and let me know how you feel about the grip in a few months time.

If any of our readers uses the grip, it would be great to get some first hand advice for Justin.

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