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Earl Joseph

Earl Joseph Asked 9 years ago


Merry Christmas.

In this present world, there are hundreds of rubbers. Obviously i cannot try every equipment to check which is a right one.

So, should I adopt to one rubber which everyone uses or should I get the right one?

And one more question.

Both the sides shouldnt be the same kind of rubber(less spin more power or more spin more power) isnt it?

Then I have sriver which is for b/h(less spin more power). Which one is more suiltable(more spin more power),Xiom Vega Europe or Coppa JO gold ?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Earl,

The choice is not that important.  So just choose one that you feel is relatively suitable and then train hard.

You can have the same rubber on both sides.  Both Jeff and I do.  Out of those two rubbers, again, juts choose one and then train hard. Either will not make much of a difference to a player's game.

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