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Ashwin Bajaj Ashwin Bajaj

Ashwin Bajaj Ashwin Bajaj Asked 3 years ago

I use genius optimum+ on my backhand but feels a little slow but gives very good control so can u suggest me any other rubber which is bit faster than genius but also gives good control.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Ashwin,

I will leave this to the equipment experts...

I would suggest something like Rakza 7.

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Jack Tan

Jack Tan Posted 3 years ago

I agree with Alois. I'm currently using Rakza 7 and Rakza X and they are both very good for control. Im not sure if this makes sense, but I feel that Rakza 7 provides more control but is less accurate while Rakza X has less control compared to Rakza 7 but is more accurate. I would suggest either one of these 2 options

Rohan Keogh

Rohan Keogh Posted 3 years ago

Hey Jack, I disagree with you here.  I use both Rakzas and and think the X is both more controlled and more accurate than the 7 (and has better feel).  It has a greater dwell time that improves the control and accuracy. At my level (see below) I found the 7 too fast and uncontrollable and have packed it away for a while.

However, these assessment are always somewhat subjective as our skill level, playing styles and experience with a range of equipment influence our perceptions of a racket's behavior. I use balsa combo blades (DEF+ BH, ALL+/OFF FH).  I've tested and used quite a few rubbers from Yasaka, Xiom, Butterfly, DHS, Victas, 729, Dawei, KTL, Lion, and very soon will add Tibhar (Aurus). I'm an advanced beginner/intermediate, FH dominant player with a DEF+/ALL backhand and a ALL/ALL+ forehand game staying close to, or mid-distance from the table.

I do agree that one of the Rakzas would be a good alternative for Ashwin though.  Which one will depend on his skill level. 

My (qualified) 2-cents worth:  @Ashwin, if you have very good control and accuracy on your BH already, the Rakza 7 would bea good choice.  If you need more speed but also need help with control and accuracy, I'd choose the Rakza X.  The 7 is noticeably (although not significantly) faster than the X.  Then there's the question of sponge thickness, ...



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