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Ali Zarei

Ali Zarei Asked 8 years ago


Yesterday I was practicing a high toss side-spin backspin serve.

I had a lot of problems doing a good sppiny short serve.

It often had no spin or went into the net or was too high that the opponent could smash it at me.

When I think for some moments before the serve and focus on transferring my weight,brushing the ball,using my wrist,doing the toss correctly and other things and I serve after that its often a good spinny serve.But in a match i haven't got time to think about those things. What can I do to have all those things in my mind always and to good serves.

One Of my friends said it's a good idea to focus on one thing each time and after mastering that you can focus on the next thing.Is that a good idea? What is your advice?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Ali,

Your friend is right try to focus on one thing at a time.  The first thing is the ball toss.  Then work on the contact.  Eventually it dwill get to a stage where it will all be automatic and smooth.  Until then, lots of service practice is required.

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Tim Stephens

Tim Stephens Posted 8 years ago

Great serve to be practicing. If you want it to be a short serve, concentrate on getting the ball to bounce about a foot from the net, on your side. If it bounces closer to your baseline it will go long on opponents side and bounce higher giving opportunity for an easier return by your opponent. Have fun!

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