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BoSeong Kim

BoSeong Kim Asked 10 years ago

I play with my dad very often, and we're both very experienced. ( He is by far better; he gives me 6-0 advantage in 21 point games) But, when we play matches I can't seem to win even if he gives me a couple points to start with. Reason is, his service is so hard to return, either I return it high or it's an ace. If I do return it, he just smacks it from there and I'm beaten. He uses a short service with a crazy amount of spin, and I can't seem to push the serve. (Note: he uses a Japanese style penhold) Any tips to return this? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi BoSeong,

Firstly you are really lucky to have a ready made training partner.  It is also great that he has good serves that you can practice against.  If you keep practicing with him and watch your returns and where they go you will soon learn how to return these.  The best way to learn anything in this game is by doing so get as many opportunities to return his serves and watch your returns.

We also have a lesson which will give you some of the more in depth explanations on how to return serve.  Take a look at our lesson in our Receiving Secrets series.

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