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allan rubio

allan rubio Asked 9 years ago

How do i counter really strong and fast serves and serve better too



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Allan.

The main thing is to learn the effects of spin first.  

First watch the bat when the player is serving to see which direction they are moving the bat.  Then watch the contact point.  Finally watch the flight of the ball.  THese things will give you information about the type fo spin is on the ball.

Then watch the reaction off your bat.  If the ball goes off to the left you need to adjust the angle of your bat so that it faces the right.  This will counter the spin on the ball.  Similarly if the ball goes right then face the bat left.  If the ball goes into the net then face the bat up and if the ball goes off the end of the table then face the bat down.  The more serves you get the opportunity to face the better you will get at receiving serves.  Don't try to do too much with the serves just use the angle of your bat to return the ball at first.

To generate better spin yourself, think about getting a good brushing action on the ball and then getting your swing really fast so that the bat grips the ball and spins it around really fast.

We cover this in our Courses on Receiving Secrets and Serving Secrets.  You can access these by joining our Premium membership.  There are a lot of good video lessons to help you with these two important aspects of the game.

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