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HAI NGUYEN Asked 1 month ago

Hello coach, I am using shortpip on my backhand; i play tt 2,3 times per week for excercise at work and after work. One, two hours each time i play. When can i know that i need to replace my shortpip rubber; all the pips on my shortpip rubbers are still good? Can you educate me? Also When can i know that I need to replace my inverted rubber? Thanks

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Hai,

Short pips rubber tends to last a long time.  She pips have a pattern on the top of them.  If they are starting to look like they are wearing in patches then it may be time to replace the pips.  The short pips will also have some grip.  So rub the ball across the rubber and see if it still has that grip.

With the inverted rubber you can take a look at the surface of the rubber.  You will stat to see wear in the surface after a while.  The other thing to do is to rub your finger across the top of the rubber and feel if there is friction.  If the rubber is starting to feel slippery in patches, then again it may be time to replace the rubber.

This video may help a little as well.  Increase Rubber Grip


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