Should I buy the Sanwei Pro V5 blade

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Last updated 8 months ago

Ahmed Soomro

Ahmed Soomro Asked 8 months ago

My current setup is: 

Blade: donic person exclusive off 

Fh rubber: hurricane neo 3 

Bh rubber: Yasaka rakza 7

Should i buy the sanwei Pro V5 blade and use the same rubbers on it or sould i keep playing with the donic blade. My intentions are to improve my game. The thing is that this blade is recommended by coach emratthich on his blog, who is a table tennis coach in france. I wanted to get your insight on this blade and if you have another blade recommendation then please share.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 months ago

Hi Ahmed,

I haven't used this blade but often think that changing blades isn't the main focus of improvement. I think it is more about your training and developing aspects of your game rather than looking for a quicker fix with equipment.

If others have used the Sanwei Pro V5 blade and have some ideas for Ahmed they will be appreciated.

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