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azhar bhabha

azhar bhabha Asked 9 years ago

how are u guys. its been really long. i am stil playing modern chopper with friendship 837 on bh. its been a while now and my chops are consistent to the point that i can control spin, placement etc to perfection. but looking at some online forums i have found that friendship is one of the basic rubbers for new lp users to start with. and although i am able to produce very good spin variation, i cant help thinking that i may be able to do more with say tsp curl p1r, which joo uses.. but i am afraid of being neither here nor there, if i purchase tsp but am unable to control. because everybody i have read says it is extremely difficult to put balls back on the table with it. should i go ahead? what do you suggest ?

i was wondering very recently at how passionate you both must be about the game to patiently answer questions from so many beginners who are fairly ignorant about various aspects of the game. having reached a reasonable level i now read many questions and would be really frustrated if i had to do all that answering, n that too, so promptly. really respect u both for this.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Azhar,

If you feel that you are ready for this, perhaps in the off season you can try it out.

If there is a time when you don't have any tournaments of match play for a month or more, you can try it out and feel it for yourself.  This is the only way you will really be able to tell if it is right for you.

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