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D K Asked 9 years ago

Hello coach,

I found out that despite the fact that I am doing shadow practise and basic drills,I have still a great problem with my footwork because the shuffling movement looks so unnatural for me...

My first reaction is always start to face the ball and run normally.

And in the case of drills I found out that any of my teammates (who did not refuse to train with me) is not consistent enough.

Even our club's old robot is incapable of doing it,because it is just as old or even older than me, so its shooting mechanisms are probably damaged and is starting to miss.

Do you have any other idea how I can help my footwork to overcome the normal running habit?

Many people told me that I should go run.

But it has the reverse the effect-yes,I am faster,but I am "forgetting" the shuffle movement, so I do not have any time to get into position.

And - I am also a cyclist-does riding a bike have any effect on my footwork?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago


You can practice the movement without a ball.  Do shadow play and just do the movements over and over to get the pattern in your head.

The bike riding won’t effect your footwork, it may help by making your legs stronger.

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