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D K Asked 1 month ago

Greetings PingSkills Team,

currently I returned from a long break and got into a rally where my coach was sending me short lower lobs.
I found out that I am not sure how to get to such balls. I feel like I simply do not have that long arm to reach it.
When I try to step forward,I eventually hit the table with my body while having fully extended arm.
Evene when I lean over the table,I still can reach the ball only so that I can send it very wide cross-court.
Due to spin,it usually is so wide that it lands on my half of table.
How can I then get to the ball correctly so that I can target even the backhand corner (assuming righthand vs righthand) ?Thanks

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Dan,

You should step in with your right leg and stay as low as possible to get closer to the ball.  The other thing to do is move around the side of the table.  Step around the side with your right leg.

Some players may even move right around and use their backhand in this position.  The only issue is that recovery from here is difficult.

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D K Posted 1 month ago

Yea-that is what I usually do-step around,use backhand and sweep the ball to wide right side,so that I do not have to cover the backhand corner that quickly.
Because even when I get to my lowest point and take the longest possible step in,I still need about 10 more centimetres to reach the ball.

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