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Sasha Savic

Sasha Savic Asked 11 years ago

Hi, guys

I need a little help. I am struggling with the return after side spin serve. Can you explain me the mechanism of that serve, especially side spin-top spin serve, and, how to return any side spin serve generally? Thank you in advance

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Sasha,

The sidespin will cause the ball to move sideways off your bat when you hit it.  To counteract that, use the angle of your bat to get the ball back on the table.  If the ball wants to go off to the left, angle your bat to the right and vice versa.  By using your bat like a rudder you will be able to get the ball back on the table.

Also take a look at what is available on the Receiving Secrets course.  This would help you greatly as well.

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Sasha Savic

Sasha Savic Posted 11 years ago

Let me get this straight. If right-handed player stands at his backhand side and serves side-spin pendulum serve, and the ball curves on my left, that is my backhand side, where should go my return, on his forehand or his backhand side, just to be more clear.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 11 years ago

The spin will take it to his backhand side or off that side of his table.  So you need to aim more towards his forehand side.  You could even face your bat to the left of the table.

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