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Wayne Sy

Wayne Sy Asked 9 years ago

Hi there coach, I would just like to ask if regular physical training play an important role in improving my game? What would happen if I do not have regular physical training and just do "on the table training" alone? I also would like to ask if I could use weights for my feet to improve my footwork during physical training? But could I also wear the weights when I am not training, for example, wearing them while walking in a mall or anywhere? thanks in advance coach :)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Wayne,

Weight training is an important part of playing at the highest level.  It can be the difference between the best and the the rest.  At a basic level it may not make a lot of difference but as a preparation for later it is good to get into good habits from an early stage.

Take a look at our Blogs on this topic.

Weight Training Specifically for Table Tennis and Strength Conditioning for Table Tennis.  I think these will help you.

As far as using weights when walking around they aren't really specific to Table Tennis.  They may be good for your general strength.

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