Soft blade + soft rubber = longer dwell time of the ball on the rubber?

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Lionel Unknown

Lionel Unknown Asked 13 years ago

Is it true that a softer blade glued with a softer rubber (the softer sponge) will have the ability to keep the incoming ball staying on the rubber much longer during return stroke?  I really wish to gain this advantage to have a much longer dwell time so that I can impart tremendous amount of top spin to the ball which might be heavily underspin by opponent or so much lower than the net, to make sure I can return by lifting the ball over the net successfully and with great top spin rate.  Is Stiga Performance and Stiga Supreme made with both blade + rubber soft?  Anyhow, the disadvantage of soft is only on the slow return speed only?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Lionel,

Yes the softer rubber and blade does keep the ball on the rubber longer.

These two bats are both soft and will enable you to pick up the ball. If you arer playing at a higher level against aquality backspin ball you can also use a made up bat with even better quality rubber likeone of the Mark V rubbers.

The Performance will enable you to lift the backspin balls.  What level are you playing at?

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