Specifications of Butterfly Sriver G3 FX and Sriver D13 S

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Nirbhay Pandya

Nirbhay Pandya Asked 6 years ago

Hello! Thank you Pingskills Team for providing us with whole lot of Table Tennis videos.

One of my friends gifted me a custom made racket. It has a Butterfly Sriver G3 FX on FH side and a Butterfly Sriver D13 S on the BH side.

The BH rubber can lift the backspin balls with less effort and the FH rubber is really fast and can put lots of topspin. However, I can't contact him now and I want to know the specifications of both these rubbers.( speed, spin, sponge thickness, etc.) I tried with the internet but could not find a solid solution. 

I think to start with these new rubbers, I need to know these things as I am gonna change my game accordingly. Could you please help me with these? Also it would be really great if you could share some of your valuable tips regarding these rubbers.

Thanks :)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Nirbhay,

I don't worry too much about the ratings of rubbers.  Just feel what they are like for you personally.  They are both good rubbers to learn with and to play at a reasonable level.  The G3 FX will be a bot faster and have more spin than the D13.

Just practice with them and see how they feel.

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Nirbhay Pandya

Nirbhay Pandya Posted 6 years ago

Thank you ! I am getting used to it and improving my game.

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