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Edo Unknown

Edo Unknown Asked 13 years ago

Hi Alois

I have seen on butterflyonline.com how to use speed optimizer one. It must use free chack glue but no speed glue. What the function of speed optimizer one & free chack glue? Can I use only free chack glue or speed optimizer one?

Thank You


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 13 years ago

Hi Edo,

As of the first of September 2008, speed optimizer has been banned by the ITTF. If you want to get a similar effect legally, you will need to start using the new breed of high tension rubbers.

Before it was banned the speed optimizer gave you the effect of a glued up bat. If you only used the free chack by itself you would not get the glued up effect.

Personally I'm quite pleased with ban on speed glue but I've got a feeling I'm in the minority here.

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Jesse Bricknell Unknown

Jesse Bricknell Unknown Posted 13 years ago

Speed Optimizer is the same as Stiga Booster. Free Chack Glue is just a water based glue. So the Optimiser is to give the rubber speed and softness but isn't sticky and won't stick the rubber onto the blade. The Chack sticks the Optimised rubber onto the blade.

Unfortunately the Optimiser is now banned, so he might as well get used to rubbers that do not need Optimising, such as any of the Tensor Rubbers.

Buy Ogon

Buy Ogon Posted 11 years ago

What is the main reason why speed glues were banned? If tensor rubber has the same effect, they might as well ban these rubbers?

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