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edgardo yutuc

edgardo yutuc Asked 11 years ago

sir alois what is more better sriver rubber or yasaka markv rubber i cant decide cause my friends say that it was just the same  so i better tell you what is much better

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 11 years ago

Hi Edgardo,

Both Mark V and Sriver are excellent rubbers. You can't go wrong with either of them. Personally I think people put too much emphasis on equipment. It is important to make sure you have good equipment but choose a highly regarded rubber and then focus on improving your technique and not on your equipment.

Try both out and see if you have a preference either way and then stick with it for a while. I promise you that choosing between Mark V and Sriver will not impact your game. What will is hard work and lots of practice.

Good luck! Let us know which way you go. 

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andrew brand

andrew brand Posted 11 years ago

if its any help, i have been using mark v for over a year, i love this rubber, and as i have progressed i have just changed to a slightly more fast blade and stuck with mark v, it is great speed and spin (but  i know its not the fastest on the market) and also nice to control on all your shots and touch play. i know someone who uses sriver and gets very nice spin and control too.  so both are great quality. 

Tanzilur Rahman

Tanzilur Rahman Posted 11 years ago

i was using a pre made bat now im using yasaka markv it is great so i can say that choosing yasaka mark v can never be a bad idea

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