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Last updated 5 years ago

Barry Fordham

Barry Fordham Asked 9 years ago

I have annoyed a couple of players when umpiring games by asking them not to stamp on the floor when serving. Our venue has a wooden floor and stamping produces quite a loud noise. I have to admit I cannot find a rule in the ETTA list, but as umpire am I correct in stopping this distraction?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Barry,

There was a rule that stated it explicitly earlier about stamping but it has been removed now.

The umpires usually interpret it now that if they can see that the server is deliberately trying to distract the opponent by stamping and making a loud noise, then they will call it.  If it is part of their action.  It really doesn't get called at all now at an International level.

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Marian Stang

Marian Stang Posted 9 years ago

Hi again Pingskillers. Yeah some players use to stamping while they serving but somebody using it not only in serve... They stamping  in some hard strokes... This foot stamping is good , but my question is: Can it improve my table tennis?? If yes in which strokes i can use it??

Douglas Hill

Douglas Hill Posted 9 years ago

TIn a small gymnasium, running a tournament with players of different levels present at the same time, it can disturb a lot of people if one large player likes to stamp as loudly as possible. I think the umpire should be able to take local conditions into account in making this call.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 9 years ago

Hi Marian,

I don't think it improves any shot.  It is just part of some the follow through for some players. 

Marian Stang

Marian Stang Posted 9 years ago

Yeah thx I only ask cause a lot of players I know are stamping.... :-D But its funny time to time once stamp.

Duncan Wraight

Duncan Wraight Posted 9 years ago

Stamping can also disguise the contact of the ball in quieter environments, which may help some servers disguise a no spin ball.

Is that legal?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 9 years ago

Hi All,

I have received a reply from Graeme Ireland about this issue.  It is a better insight into the rules.

There is no rule about foot stamping, and nothing specific about excessive noise. The only reference to this is under 3.5.2 Misbehaviour  Players and coaches or other advisers shall refrain from behaviour that may unfairly affect an opponent, offend spectators or bring the sport into disrepute, such as abusive language, deliberately breaking the ball or hitting it out of the playing area, kicking the table or surrounds and disrespect of match officials.


The only reference in the Handbook for Match Officials says:

17.1.4   An example of behaviour which might justify action by the umpire is shouting during play, in annoyance or elation, but in deciding how to react the umpire should take account of the environment in which it occurs.  If the general noise level is so high that the player’s shouting is hardly noticeable, it is more sensible not to stop play but to wait until the end of the rally before speaking to the offending player.


Marcin Lonak

Marcin Lonak Posted 5 years ago

I'm completely with you on this Barry.

For me, on serve its a willingful distraction. Has nothing to do with normal serving. I have to laugh if players are doing it. Such things make for me this beautiful sport look quite stupid. I think there should be some rule resolution for this. I think its definitely a form of hiding. Since hiding contact is not allowed , stamping on serve should be not allowed too. Its an acoustic hiding of contact.

If people stamp during the rally it's different. Sometimes they try with all force to fight the gravity. That's ok. Bu on serve?! Come on!

Marcin Lonak

Marcin Lonak Posted 5 years ago

Also Chooing every ball like crazy, as This young prodigy Harimoto is doing all the time is to me annoying and surely doesn't contribute to make this sport more interesting to new people. I never seen any Harimoto game entirely cause i cannot stand his screams. And picturing myself playing him, i would probably throw my racket at him... at least mentally.

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