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Eillon  Amancio

Eillon Amancio Asked 4 years ago

Hi Alois and Jeff, I live in the Philippines. What's a good starter racket aside from rackets that are cheaper than your Pingskills Rook or rackets that are below the $40/₱800 price range? Pls. reply specifically because I'm looking forward to buying a cheap starter racket this Christmas.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Eillon,

I don't have any recommendations but other readers may know what is good in the Phillipines.

Make sure you also watch the Choosing a Table Tennis Bat video.


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Aniketh Danam

Aniketh Danam Posted 4 years ago

Don't buy cheap racket bcoz we cannot give garenty when they may brake or the rubber may loose grip.

buy a good racket such as GKI , PINGSKILLS touch/Rook , Stiga

Benzene Chiral

Benzene Chiral Posted 4 years ago

Go for Pingskills Rook. As a beginner, you need to learn proper techniques, and spin is essential. Cheap rackets may have very substandard rubbers which can't produce much spin, and hence compromising your progress in table tennis.

Aniketh Danam

Aniketh Danam Posted 4 years ago

Yes ...that's absolutely correct Beneze.

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