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Gard Rivå

Gard Rivå Asked 11 years ago

I recently started playing again after about 4 years. And i found my old rackets in the attic, they seem to be in good condition, no water damage or anything (although the rubbers seem to have gone hard and have lost most of the "stickiness")(these were good rackets, back in the day)

So my question is, how does age affect rubbers? should i maybe put some new rubbers on my rackets? and how often should i change rubbers just due to the age factor?

Thanks ;)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Gard,

It sound like the rubber is a victim of heat and dust as well as age.  If it was in the attic it may probably have been subject to a lot of heat and dust.

Heat and dust are really detrimental to rubber.  Of course just sitting there for a long time would also age the rubber.

It sounds like you should change the rubber if it has list its grip.

Under normal conditions the rubber should last around 80 hitting hours. 

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