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Pankaj Sidana

Pankaj Sidana Asked 9 years ago

sir , 

i wanted to change my ply .. I'm currently playing with butterfly sardius .. 

I have a doubt between butterfly zhang jike and tibhar h39 .. 

so can u suggest me which would be better out of these both? or any other ply which is similar to these ones ..

thanku ..

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Pankaj,

I really don't know much about those blades.  Others may be able to help.

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dan Posted 8 years ago

I play with the Zhang jike blade and it is really good. I use it with hurricane 3 neo on my forehand and tenergy 80 on my backhand. The Zhang jike blade has arylate-carbon in it. It is an offensive blade so I would reccommed to use fairly fast rubbers. You will probably will want to some more reaserch just to check you know what your getting. Sorry but I do not no anything about tibhar h39

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