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Jasper Low

Jasper Low Asked 4 weeks ago

Hi Alois, I had a wonderful set of matches 3 days ago in a community tournament. My teammates said that I really improved a lot from 3 years ago. Then one guy told me that if I wanna reach my full potential, I gotta know when and how to change tactics against players who can get used to tactics. What is your opinion and how do you change your tactics when your opponent is adapting to them?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Jasper,

Tactical awareness is something that you can develop over time and experience of playing matches.

Firstly always review what is happening during the match, point by point.  As each point goes, make sure you are aware of what happened, what was critical in that rally that made the difference of winning or losing the point.

As the match progresses, see if you can start to see any patterns emerging that are leading to you either winning or losing points.  Then alter your strategies according to what you are seeing.

As the opponent adapts you will notice another pattern emerging that you will need to counteract.

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