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Last updated 10 years ago

Rahul Ramesh

Rahul Ramesh Asked 10 years ago

Hi alois

I find it difficult to play against an anti spin player. So is there any special tactics?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Rahul,

Anti spin and Long Pimples have a very similar effect.  If you put backspin on the ball the ball will come back with topspin.  So this is a good basic.  If you start with a backspiin ball you will get a ball that you can attack next.

It is a matter of getting a chance to play against it as often as possible.  See if you can get a sheet of it and have a hit against it as much as possible.

Players with Anti spin rubber can't generate much spin of their own so you can dictate what spin is on the ball during the rally.

Have you had a look at the lesson on the Effects of Rubbers,  This may give you a few more ideas.


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