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Adrian Hartanto

Adrian Hartanto Asked 10 years ago

hi alois and jeff

did you have try this rubber before?

i had been using tenergy 05 for half year, when i wanted to buy tenergy 05 fx the seller told me that FX has more spin and speed than 05

when i tried to use fx with my forehand, i thought the spin and speed were worse than 05, 05's spring sponge was give better feeling with the ball for me, speed and spin were incredible but gave me better control at the same time.

for me, the fx was to soft and gave me less feeling with the ball (of course it makes bad control for my forehand) . now i am using the fx for my backhand, it's better for my backhand,the feeling is very good.

my question is,

1.is it true the fx has more spin and speed than 05?

2. tell me the comparison between soft and hard rubber please

3. i like to know what blade,and rubbers do you use?

thank you very much for answering all my question,i have no regret to become the pingskills member. 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Adrian,

The FX is a softer sponge.  The softer sponge will allow you to have better control than the 05.  They are a matter of preference.  They will both have similar spin but the FX will be a little slower so it will feel like it will have more spin.

Jeff and I both use the PingSkills Touch blade and XIOM Vega Pro rubbers. 

Others will have more information for you on these rubbers. 

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