Tenergy Series vs Calibra Series

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Last updated 11 years ago

Cloud Cledera

Cloud Cledera Asked 11 years ago

Hey Guys,

I'd like to raise up this question for a lot of people to see and comment. What's bugging my mind are the top two best rubber series that most have come across. But which one is the best, is it the Butterfly Tenergy Series? Or is it the STIGA Calibra Series? Which one of the series do you prefer? Which one would you like to recommend for players who are interested to have these rubbers?

Comment now! Let's see the reigning rubber series!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Cloud,

My vote goes to Tenergy out of those two.

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Thoughts on this question

Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo Posted 11 years ago

I've never actually tried the calibra rubbers but I used tenergy 05 and 05fx and they were the best rubbers I'd ever used. Great spin and speed, and fairly durable. 

Scott Yates

Scott Yates Posted 11 years ago

I have never tried Calibra, but i am VERY partial to Xiom Vega Euro.  Everyone in my club is raving about it, and it makes me personally feel like i have more "gears" to play with.  I hope that makes sense.

Scott Yates

Scott Yates Posted 11 years ago

Follow up:  I have used Tenergy, and I find Xiom to be slightly better and a LOT cheaper.

andrew brand

andrew brand Posted 11 years ago

i also use the xiom vega euro and i also love it and it does make u feel like u can do any shot on it. and i use it on the backhand. its really raised my game. i use omega 4 euro on forehand. really nice gear. but ive also come across calibra and tenergy. i think calibra is more controllable. tenergy is just so quick u have to be accurate all the time or the ball flies off the table.

Mladen Vunderl

Mladen Vunderl Posted 11 years ago

I own biggest Croatian TT shop, so I am rubber expert. My daughter plays with Tenergy 05 or XIOM Vega Pro on FH and Stiga Calibra Sound on BH on TBS. Rubbers with porous sponges have more spin (Tenergys and Tensors) and rubbers with compact Japanese sponges (Calibra) have more speed and lower trajectory. Calibra is more durable.

Alvin Samson

Alvin Samson Posted 11 years ago

Have by myself Stiga Calibra spin and its great for topspin with much power.Good spin too.

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