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Soumyajit Das

Soumyajit Das Asked 6 years ago

Hi Alois & Jeff,

Firstly, thanks for all the amazing stuff on Pingskills. I have improved on a lot of techniques based on your guidance.

My question is: How to make a good backhand flip? How do I make sure that I am brushing the ball with the top edge of the bat. I have practiced it a lot but most of the time I hit it with the middle or the bottom part of the bat and the ball slams into the net. With forehand though I have faced almost no problem. :(



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Soumyajit,

When you are doing the Backhand flick practice first, just focus on where you are hitting the ball on your bat.  As difficult as it may be, forget about where the ball is going.  Then as you progress you can start to also watch the flight of the ball.

Slow down the stroke at first just to get the contact and feel of the stroke correct.

Also take a look at the lesson on the Backhand Flick.

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