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Sahil Bhagat

Sahil Bhagat Asked 1 year ago

I've been using a pre-made Stiga Pro Carbon racket and have a USATT rating of 1200. I want to upgrade my equipment and was recommended the following setup:
Blade: Timo Boll ALC
FH rubber: Xiom Omega V Pro
BH rubber: Xiom Omega V Euro

On initial research, it seems like the two rubbers might be a good fit for early intermediate players as they are not too fast and allow you to develop your game. However, I am not sure how effective they will be with the Timo Boll ALC blade. How do I evaluate whether this is the right setup for me?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Sahil,

Without using it yourself it is difficult to tell how it will suit you.  However, they are all good quality equipment.  

Others that have used this equipment may be able to help out whether they think this would be a good first custom racket.

We also have the PingSkills Touch with Mark V or Rakza 7 as a good option for a first Custom racket.


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Sahil Bhagat

Sahil Bhagat Posted 1 year ago


Mike Deubig

Mike Deubig Posted 1 year ago

I have a nephew who has been showing interest in playing table tennis. He does pretty well with Hurricane 3, on both sides. I would recommend a spinny rubber either backhand or forehand depending on your style and then Rakza 7. Timo Boll ALC is a fast blade more difficult to spin. As starting the next level of playing table tennis, I suggest something slower, medium hard blade for your first custom-made paddle. So your shots do not have to be as accurate to execute. You will learn how to be quicker and create more power with it as you get better at table tennis. So it's possible you may never need a faster blade but if you do get a faster blade, you will be more prepared to use it! 

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